by Charnel Winds

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released June 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Charnel Winds Jyväskylä, Finland

Black metal from Virrat/Jyväskylä since 2003

2004 - Stigma Prior Nefastvm (Demo)
2007 - I.I.I. (EP)
2011 - Der Teufelsbund (Full-length)
2012 - Two Serpents (Split)
2013 - Sound of Satan's Voice (Demo)

New full-length "Verschränkung" TBA

Shoo - Vocals
Termuthis - Guitar
Nekrolepsia - Guitar
Sandh - Bass
Wyrmfang - Drums
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Track Name: Devouring the cursed fruits of Tartaros
The spark of the source flees
from an already empty composite
so broken, so tired

Well did it pay
to make service for those fleeting demons
Being, once so whole
purposefully stained with muddy waters

So this was the price and gift
of my unconditional homage
for the mask so beautiful and horrid

Well did it pay
to forcefully grasp all the latent powers of matter
The mirror of mind once so timid and sharp
shattered to million fucking fragments

So this was the secret
of my separation and fall
from the ranks of men so noble and good

Remains left into the shady banks of unholy death
by leaving this precious body behind
I become an abomination for the race

To devour the cursed fruits of misguided deeds
so monstrous, so shallow
and in this painful unearthly ecstasy
devour them I shall – to a final bitter piece!
Track Name: Avitchi blues
Vomit bursts to my mouth
as rest of my hair falls off
together with most of my skin
for a second it tastes of life

What a fucking reek
from an omnipresent carrion
there will be no scavengers
not this time

My head's about to crack
the thundering silence so loud
could it shut up for a while
I might have something to say

If I am to cry I could as well sing
for the point of music is not
to make yourself feel better
but to make others feel worse

I get up and in awe I stand
where the bloodline of nephilim ends
and with me I shall take as many as I can
to where the world - this world - doesn't end

...And You who stay above
look down upon me
and cry in your dissolution
were your heavens not what you had anticipated?
something inside me laughs and I smile
Track Name: Atmâsphere
akasa flees its abodes
the supposedly hollow cavities
latent fire once sealed within
human brain and bone

the atmosphere flickers
into a strangest colour
if only someone could recall
that shade of eerie blue

blade of a spear reflects
that deep-dark indigo shine
before it strikes down
tearing air as it comes

carving a third eye
into every forehead
something stares through
the myriad of putrid eyes

some morbid wind animates
countless dead lips and tongues
to muttering their own eulogy
under the inert firmament
Track Name: Rebellion
Shut your dead mouths
turn your eyes away
I cannot return the stare
but I can still say no

Remember, I did say no
when I refused to create
what makes you even think
I want to have a role in this

It is exactly the same force
that enlivens and destroys
exactly same amount of violence
used in controlling the currents

One after the other
you have brought them down
the ones that came to know you
your sense of irony is impeccable

They were not unlike me
the fire we share between us
but mine is not to be used
in all this earthly folly

You made your point
killed your ”only” son
let me return the favor
you can have mine

At least he gets back what he sent
see it return and turn to gold
regardless of what I do or did
Atlas lumbers and falls to the void
Track Name: Abyss gazes also
As the fire-born bowed his head
and let his flames purge the world
the son came to realize
true cost of his fathers love

But we made it, didn't we?
through fervent song and constant yoga
Nirvana lies beyond the last veil
the effort was well worth the while

A kumâra still caught in entanglement
there was no benefit to gain
your journey is a blink of an eye
to some of those loftier beings

But I figured out the means to an end
found the bed-rock under my feet
are you saying all that pain and ecstasy
amount to nothing?

Look inside the box
carefully fold the sides open
and see for youself if
the world you sought is alive or dead

But I found true consciousness
just the sum of your dillusions
I found enlightment
just the gleam of false pride
I found the source of intelligence
just the bottomless well of your ignorance
I found god
just a world born dead

The world you strived to save
is a necropolis inside a cubicle
while you reached for samadhi
your soul approached rigor mortis
Track Name: Beyond null reality
Who are you? A voice without a body, a mind without a reason
Who is the questioner? I name myself after those I kill, for I am the god of hosts,
Paramashiva, Paramâtma, Parâpara - the bastard son of nothing

I hear the tumult and chaos raging above the nothing which was life,
inside this cocoon of worlds the stars are waging war against being
no events: horizon collapses to the final rollercoaster ride beyond null reality

All is gone now, my beautiful self, and within this bubble of non-being,
soon to burst without a hold but the enlightened panorama of my mind,
I face him who is the prince beyond countenances

The void at the rainbow surface of the final thoughtform's mother-of-pearl
no tears nor cracks, nor a puzzle anymore to face as flesh
I am ready for the ultima thule of spirit's un-avitchi, no doubt

This seeming end is a final koan for you, Ouroboros:
answer me and let everything drop into perdition
or remain silent and be killed nevertheless in shame

Immortal lady escapes - red ceases to be
The black sun the last rays it sends - infinity ends